Wild And Wicked (What We Worked For)

by Shut up! Twist again!

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released June 30, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Fabien Lefloch (Justin(e) / Ultra Vomit / Montagne Rouge) aka ROEL EL FLOOOOCO @ Chipolata Framboise Studio (Nantes)

Mastering by Alexandre Ayrault (Les Rasoirs Electriques) @ Les 2 doigts dans la prise (Lyon)

Artwork by Laga @ Tornade Graphisme

Guests :

Clement (Intenable/ Nina'school) plays the organ in "Final Straight" and Xavier (The Decline) the banjo in "S".

ROEL EL FLOOOOCO orchestrated the trumpets in "Upon The Sea"

Louis and Moreno (La Rupture) broke their voice with us on many chorus



all rights reserved


Shut up! Twist again! Bayonne, France

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Track Name: D.I.Y(ing)
I see her dying, she's not fine
We gotta try to stick together
I don't wanna see your end.
I hope we'll try to keep you strong
Track Name: Shock Therapy
I bend down over, a clear running stream
Can I keep my head?
Above the dark water

And we build a house of cards. Then we wait its false
So you tell me that you care, and meet my empty stare

So many adventures couldn’t happen today
That empty void was never filled and my heart will stray

And the shock keeps me sane it makes my future clear
Track Name: Final Straight
I rid the demons from my heart, give me some kind of hope
You don’t need to make believe, give me one honest lie.
There is where we belong, a simple dot on the horizon
Get together with my old friends , I want to face another day

We’ll never get away, we’ll stay for long in this place
Toss it in the air, put it on the ground, spin it all around
Track Name: Dead To Me
Waiting watching almost sleeping
Cause now it falls on deaf ears

Who can it be knocking at my door?
My head is in a haze

All I hear is the noise of false hope
I struggle with myself
I struggle with myself again
Track Name: 45 Years Of Regrets
Lost shot through your soul
Tales from the sad and lonely
All that's left are empty holes, it could have been anyone,
I’ve been hiding, always trying to keep it under control
We lost something along the way

But I couldn't tell you so that I never should have let you go
I saw you coming out the corner of my eye
Sometimes I go to sleep I kick and scream
Oh, No shed a tear cause I’m dreaming

Who's got your back when everything's starting to fall right apart again even if you turn your back on me
I'll stay and hold you up

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to years
It's never too late to start again
Track Name: Alone In My Grave (The Decline cover)
One fine day, dead and gone
I'll leave this world behind
No more family, no more friends
Nothing left but my mind

I'll be alone in my grave
But untill then we'll be two
I'll be alone in my grave
And there I'll dream of you

Nothing lasts forever babe
Everything dies it's a fact
All I've built through my life
Will be useless and so am I

I'll be alone in my grave
But untill then we'll be two
I'll be alone in my grave
And there I'll dream of you
Track Name: Time And Time Again
The time has come you are not too bright
Won’t you stop teasing me
Cause you know there is something missing
We are num to all we see

We’re right back where we started from
Around here we all look the same
Things don’t go as we plan
Time and time again

Spit on the ground and hold you breath
All these winter days barely go by
Don't be afraid of growing old
It’s the only game that everybody’s in
It’s the only game that everybody loses
Track Name: Upon The Sea
You held me back for years but now its over
How can I take what was never mine
And I really didn't have to stop
I just kept on going.

For all the years of pain and tears
How can I even try to go on ?
Wasted days are still inside of me
It's time to set them free

But it's alright Just follow the light
Singing to the pounding of my heart
I don't believe in you, so don't believe in me
I have to set me free
Track Name: S
I remember, all the things that make up a memory
I will not speak of your sins
You bit off more than you could chew
I hope you get what you want
I hope you see the whole show
If yesterday could be so far
Long goes the night,

I remember that my legs can't carry me
With my back against the wall, out of breath
That day we lost more than 21 Grams of soul
That day we all lost more
Forgive us for holding you close
This is the last time we see you
Together we shall be eternal

I don’t believe in afterlife,
but you are not done with living
Thank you for what you've done
Thank you for what you’ve been
And when the words have all been spent
It’s time for you to leave and turn to dust
And with this song, I'll say goodbye
Track Name: White Russians Under The Christmas Tree
Oh Santa
What shall I do?
To stay glam during the crisis
I feel as lonely as Hanukkah in 43
I lost my job I lost my wife
It’s been a real hard year
But I don’t care about anything because...

Happiness is in the air.
Empty glasses and full bellies
Jesus cries
Mary bleeds
White Russians under the Christmas tree
Track Name: F4W440719
I’m gonna stay up all night,
With friends, music I feel alright,
I've always done it for myself, for my band and no one else,
Well I’m doing what I love

I’ve a few words to say, I hope you’ll understand
I’m on the road again
there ain't no time for sleep

Can you see yourself doing that ?
Wasting your time in the van
In the wake of this carnival trail
I realize you never talk like me

Would I run away, would I stay I'm a sinner,
I'm a saint no It's not a good day for slog
What you are listening to, comes from my heart